Yankee Belle


Skating Princesses.

The Mabster celebrated her 4th birthday this past Saturday. Her theme - roller skating with a touch of princess.

This was the first time Big B had ever roller skated. She did well. Im just glad she even attempted it. The last time I roller skated was in 2002. I bought myself a pair of Sketchers Sneaker Skates. They were the new craze, and I thought - 'Why not?!' I skated around my neighborhood in an attempt to enjoy my youth & nature. However, in order to stop myself most times, I had to grab hold of vehicles parked in the street. I didn't think my neighbors appreciated this, so I sold my skates on Ebay and never looked back. Until Saturday. It took me a few laps, but I got my groove back. And my snazzy old school knee pads were able to be worn again too.

Hubby broke his leg roller skating when he was 6. He decided to dare the roller gods and slipped on some wheels. He finally found his groove too. Meanwhile, lil CJ ran around the rink yelling "Da-dy! Da-dy!"

It was so.much.fun. Happy Birthday Mabster!!! Can we do it over again?!?!?



Kim said...

i love it...all i have to say is DOUBLE DATE NIGHT!!!!

i smell "couples skate"...