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lil CJ Meets Congressman Bachus

"On Thursday, August 18th, Alabama’s District 6 advocates were warmly received by Congressman Spencer Bachus in his Birmingham office. Our group began the meeting thanking Congressman Bachus for his ongoing support of funding and research to a cure for diabetes. We shared our gratitude for his signing the letter of guidance to the FDA in support of the Artificial Pancreas. Congressman Bachus commented on the evolution of the APP’s components and is proud of his support of JDRF research and funding that has elevated the APP to outpatient availability. Congressman Bachus agreed to prepare comments encouraging outpatient trials for APP. Each of the participants shared their personal story of living with type 1 diabetes and the challenges of facing the disease. Christopher Bailey talked about how being diagnosed as a teenager, he was able to research his disease and has become a spokesman for diabetes. Congressman Bachus applauded Christopher's, and his mother, Suzanne’s, efforts. Stacy Mitchell, mother to two year old Caden James, shared the struggles of caring for a child that young. The ten times a day finger sticks, the carb counting and constant monitoring of his diet, and the diaper bag that has now morphed into a medical bag. Congressman Bachus was visibly touched by Caden James’ story. Caden James was joined at the meeting by his sister, Brooke. The Mitchell's presented the Congressman with a precious trivet the had made with Caden James' picture and the JDRF logo. Cameron Crouse, a veteran of Promise meetings with the congressman, talked about staring middle school and playing tackle football. When Congressman Bachus expressed his concern about football, Cameron reminded the Congressman he could do anything. Cameron was joined by his brother, Charlie, his sister, Gretchen, and his mom, Michelle. Another veteran advocate, Serene Johnson, shared a very scary story about a diabetic low her adult daughter had recently had. She expressed the hopes she has in how the Artificial Pancreas could help prevent these episodes for her daughter and all diabetics by better regulating her blood sugars and insulin delivery. Our group was joined by the Alabama JDRF Chapter’s Development Manager, Sara Hood, and Executive Director, Aubrey Miller, who is also the father of an adult daughter living with type 1. In closing, we thanked the Congressman for his support of our funding, research, and treatments to a cure and expressed our gratitude for his ongoing support of the JDRF and our families."

~Michelle Warner Crouse