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lil CJ Meets Congresswoman Terri Sewell

"On Thursday, June 29, 2011, Alabama JDRF advocates, Board Members, Junior Board Members, and Executive Director met with Congresswoman Terri Sewell in her Birmingham office. The Congresswoman warmly greeted former Children's Congress Delegate Noah Fields and newly diagnosed two year Caden James Mitchell. Kathy During began the meeting by thanking Congresswoman Sewell for her support of the Guidance Letter to the FDA on the Artificial Pancreas. Kathy discussed the benefits someone living with diabetes could expect using the closed loop system to control extreme highs and lows. The startling statistic Alabama's diabetes epidemic and the staggering cost of diabetes to the state were shared with Congresswoman Sewell. The Congresswoman expressed her concerns and shared her own personal stories of family members who live with diabetes. Congresswoman Sewell acknowledged that "...we didn't have to sell her on the cause. She was going to be a big supporter of diabetes" Representative Sewell acknowledged the importance of technology in better diabetes management, which in turn would curtail complications and extended health care costs. Meeting attendees shared how diabetes have impacted their lives. The Congresswoman was able to see the spectrum of type 1 diabetes and how it shows no boundaries across ages. Congresswoman Sewell said she would look in to joining the Diabetes Caucus and we could count on her for support. Those in attendance were: Aubrey Miller Executive Director JDRF, Philip McDonald, Patrick Bodden Past President Junior Board, Tim Ritchie, Stacy and Caden James Mitchell, Noah Fields (past Childrens Congress), Georgiana and Karla Fields, Rob and Susan Dickinson, Holman Head , and Kathy During. Alabama ATC."
~Kathy During