Yankee Belle


I Partied Like a NYC Rock Star.

I had a Fun-tastic trip to NYC sans husband and child. It involved 5 days of drinking and other various activities, but mostly drinking. I have listed the highlights of my trip for your reading enjoyment...

Thursday night: Flew into LaGuardia. Drank wine. Ate damn good sushi.

Friday: Visited my cousin's 3rd grade class and read a book about Rosa Parks. Can you guess why? (85% of the class are immigrants. 2 of which just came from Dubai. One little girl is from Mexico and does not speak a word of english. HOWEVER, I was fascinating because I live in ALABAMA!) Ate sushi again. Went to a club on Long Island . Drank Beer. Danced with Goombahs who still still wear black t-shirts, black leather coats, and a GIANT gold cross. Did I mention they were all 4 feet tall?.

Saturday: Drove around the 'hood looking for familiar faces and only saw my friend's dad. Ate in a cave. Drank more wine. Called a friend for pot. (OMA - disregard that statement. It is joke. I don't smoke.) Went to the Marines' Ball. Drank wine. Text messaged hubby a dirty picture. Ruined his night because he thought I was at a male strip club on talent night. Left my camera at Novo.

Sunday: Did the walk of shame to retrieve my camera. Edwin knew it was mine because "the pictures were all of Caucasian girls." Ate damn good Spanish food. Drank Sangria. Returned to my new home away from home - Novo - to drink more wine.

Monday: Walked the city and took pictures of the Broadway show I never got to see. (Sulked over how close I was to becoming Jennifer Garner's new best friend.) Ate a delicious pastrami sandwich at the famous Stage Deli. Had enough pastrami left over to feed a third world country for a week. Bought some useless souvenir shiat for the 3,000th time. Returned to Novo for dinner. Got to see an old friend who doesn't smoke pot. Drank myself silly. (My cousin claims to have me on video.)

Tuesday: Woke up with my right arm beyond numb. Took cab BACK to LaGuardia. With an hour before my flight's departure, was told I had to fly out of Kennedy. Had Osama Bin Landen himself, rush me in a cab to JFK. Breezed through security with 10 minutes to spare. My flight was then 1 & 1/2 hours late taking off.

Now I am detoxing, and sadly craving more wine....

'Til we possibly meet again JG.


Blue Momma said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I have a bit of a buzz just reading so much about drinking wine!

J said...

ugh. Jealousy doesn't capture my feelings for your trip. :)

Valerie said...

You go girl!!!

Valerie said...

laughed hard when you talked about dancing w/ 4 ft. tall Gotti- look-alikes! My husband was telling my daughter today at lunch that she needs to meet a nice boy from NY, not these Southern bible-thumpers. I asked, "What would you do if she brought home a boy who drove an I=Roc, wore wifebeaters and had several gold chain around his neck????"