Yankee Belle


1981-1982 Class Picture

The first boy I crushed over emailed me this. We were never a couple, possibly because I was ALWAYS the Jolly Green Giant and well, he was not. Not to mention, we were like 6 when my love for him began.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Good times, good times.


Kim said...

awww, wow. i remember the class pic in the good ole catholic school girl uniforms. looks like you sported yours well! ;)

when i had a crush on a boy in school, i use to purposely sit beside him in mass just so we would have to hold hands during the "our father."

haha, shhhhh, don't tell! =P

J said...

2nd row from top, fourth from left????? adorable little outfits :)

*Yankee Belle* said...
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*Yankee Belle* said...

Oh Good GOD! Not HER!!! SHe was the class misfit for YEARS!!! To this day I think she is still a booger eater. YUCK.

I am 2nd row from top - 4th girl from right. =)

SouthernBell said...

Awhh, you're cute!