Yankee Belle


Too Much Fun, Too Little Time.

Why is the babysitter only available for a few short hours the nights you are having a great time? Yet nights when there is diddly to do, you have a grand parent spending the night and all the time in the world.

Although it was only for a few short hours, we had great conversation, some yummy Miller Lite, and I got to slow dance with a hottie.

Oddly, I needed an aspirin in the middle of the night. Dang...my alcohol tolerance is nil.


Little Red's Momma said...

I need a night like that! SOON !!!!

Kim said...

girl, i hear ya! next time we'll have to plan it better and invite more. . .the kids can have a slumber party at my house and it'll give my preggo twinkie some practice as she babysits. i'm sure she'd love that! ;)