Yankee Belle


Time Changes Nothing.

Is it possible that how you act/behave/are with someone is how you will always interact with him/her? Like for instance, if you and a friend bickered regularly when you were younger, it is possible to continue that behavioral pattern into adulthood - despite your maturity and better self awareness. No matter how much time passes, can the manner in which you communicate truly remain the same?

"Things that make you go hmmm..."


Kim said...

hhmmmm. . .i think it depends on the willingness of both people to change for the better. but this does make you think. . .

Valerie said...

hmmmmmm...I think it's hard to change and sometimes certain people just bring out the worst in us and make us do and say things we would NEVEr do or say to other friends or family. (i.e., my mother drives me totally insane and I wish I could smoke crack before, during and after our visits and it's always been that way between us. On the other hand, things have always been wonderful between me & my dad and still are to this day. hmmmmmm