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It Hit The Floor, Not the Fan.

lil B has decided it is time for her to wear big girl panties minus the diaper underneath. Woo woo! My lil B is showing the necessary interest in potty training. So today, she tells me " Momma - I need to poo poo on the potty." Like a bat out of hell I run, snatch her up, and think to myself "SUCCESS! My kid is going to be a whiz at this potty training thing!!!"

I pull off her brand new aqua blues, and what to my dismay hits the floor?...a load of crap. (No pun intended.) True I am thrilled she let me know, but starring at a large pile of crap on my floor is nauseating.

ANd I really don't know how to wipe a toddler's a$$ that is not on a changing table. It was very awkward to say the least.

I think lil B will go to college in diapers.


J said...

Hang in there. We're having a hard time with crap too.

Melanie said...

What you do is this.... Have them bend at the waste and hold on to your leg. Then you wipe them. No big thing. If you need a demo, let me know. Kate is an expert at this and is not afraid of crowds! It will get better I promise. She is definitely on her way.

Blue Momma said...

We are going on 6 months now and I'm still wiping butt. I hear it never ends!

But potty training is so worth all of the trouble. And you have a girl, no worrying about aiming. Stick with it! Like I said, it is sooooo worth it!

And we had that same potty. He used it once. Seriously. Only wanted the big boy potty. He did like to listen to the music, though.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! It's your turn!
We went through this in August. Do you remember those posts? You can go back and read them. You know what finally worked? Convincing her that princesses poop in the potty. Since she's a princess that means she HAD to go in the potty.

Kim said...

ahhhhh, so this is what i get to look forward too, eh!?

MommaDrool said...

I can promise you that this is not the first time the crap will hit the floor...so many times now that I can't even keep track : )