Yankee Belle


A Haunting

Have you ever noticed that odd noises and creaking sounds occur behind you but never in front of you within sight? Did I mention I have been watching the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting" all week.

I find myself chanting at the end of the show "Not in my house. Not in my house." I then proceed to tell the non-existent ghosts they would not win. However, should one ever respond or challenge me, the house would be vacant within minutes and all 'its'.


random_mommy said...

AAAHHH! I watch that too! I told our ghosts that if they ever made a move I would burn the house down and leave them homeless!

Kim said...

omg, you don't need to be watching that with the hubby away. you'll definitely freak yourself out in that big ole house! at least you know where i live. . .the door's always open. ;)

Anonymous said...

I watch that too, and that Paranormal show on A&E, it's also very good, and freaky.