Yankee Belle


Good Grief!

Snow was in our forecast last night for the great state of Alabama. This means, there is no bread, milk, or can goods left on a store shelf anywhere.

I think the news intentionally hypes up the weather for lack of anything else to report. Last night, hubby and I watched snow segments on "How to Drive In the Snow", "How to Dress Warmly", and yadda yadda. Although I laughed through most of it because sheer common sense should tell you to wear a hat and gloves, he seemed to be listening intently. More proof he is a southern boy and myself still a yankee.

Meteorologists were predicting an INCH of snow. Yes, an inch. Emergency crews have been ready for a week. It is 34 degrees right now. Don't even get me started on any of these factors. I know what a true snow storm is... Try BLIZZARD - 20 degree temps and a foot of snow.

I woke up this morning, like a child on Christmas morning. Heartbroken. Not a spec of white to be seen.

I am buying a snow machine.


I'm a Mom!..? said...

We got just enough - played for a little while and now it's gone. Just my kind of event!

Poodlehead said...

Ok YB, your blog made me feel better. I'm sitting up here in Huntsville where we didn't even get a flake. I cursed my husband for making my children miss the snow and I'm secretly glad there wasn't that much or I might have to get divorced.

Valerie said...

I hear your pain my northern sistah.
I cracked up watching NBC 13s "How to Drive in the Snow" last night and I loved the shot of the Shelby county sander trucks all lined up w/ no place to go.
I had a neighbor call yesterday morning and asked if I needed anything from the store. It was sweet but c'mon! We're talking a freakin' inch!!!