Yankee Belle


She DID Have a Mullet

And none of my friends told me. My mother - of course - was honest. She advised me to cut the back of lil B's hair. "It looks stringy and silly. A nice cut will help." Ever since, I have had this itching knowledge that my baby was sporting a mullet.

I broke down and had her first hair cut. Her hair looks a 100x better. Plus, I got to witness the inner Diva in my baby. She LOVED being pampered. Daddy better find a second job. He already compared her $20.00 cut to his $9.00 cut.

Then again...have you seen his hair. ;)


I'm a Mom!..? said...

So Sweet! Don't you love that place?

J said...

Hey now! We had a Bullet too (Baby Mullet) and no one told us!