Yankee Belle


Thanks For The Laugh.

Some people may not intend to be funny, but they are. Especially when one thinks he/she is serious, and it is an obvious joke.

I am still giggling. Thanks again.


jaydoug said...

i think stuff like that is funny too, especially because actions speak SO much louder than words. so when people end up eating their words and becoming hypocritical after displaying their actions, it is a laugh.

i love and support you YB, and i am proud to say that we truly do have nothing but good intentions!! :)

jaydoug said...

HA! oops, looks like i was signed in under jay's name...
but you know he agrees anyway so we'll just keep it. =P


Blue Momma said...

I saw those comments and thought "Damn! Jaydoug has a blog and
didn't share!"

Then I thought "What you talkin' bout Willis?":D