Yankee Belle



Having received the email "I am a New Yorker" which I generously posted for all to read, I decided to flip through my old photos and post some.

We hung out in Cental Park

We graffiti-ed building walls

We went to parades (photo:St Patrick's Day 1985)

We walked to school in groups

We played softball on concrete

To the crew: Good times, good times!

(Yes, that is my proud father with his can of beer.)

Love and miss you guys!!! XOXO


Blue Momma said...

Am I imagining it or is that some fine 80's hair in that first picture?

Ohh, the memories....

random_mommy said...

You look so tough! Remind me to get into more catfights with you around.

J said...

OMG, you were so rad.