Yankee Belle



lil B has learned how and when to use the word please. I love that she is learning to be polite, however she has also learned that the word will get her almost ANYTHING she wants. Maybe it is because the word usage is still new, but when she throws in the please - I am like putty in her hands.

"Mama - want it! *** Please."

I am still a new mom, because I am still a sucker for cute.


Blue Momma said...

Punkin doesn't think anyone can say no if he says please. I CAN say no, which has begun to lead to many meltdowns.

"I said puh leeeeese!"

I'm a Mom!..? said...

That one gets me everytime, even when she is not manipulating, just knowing that she is learning her manners!!

MommaDrool said...

It still works on me too...so much that my DH has started trying to use it to get what he wants...

"Sweetie, can I get some lovin'...puh-leez?"