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Post Retraction: For Sale

We are not going anywhere. Mostly, because we can not decide on an area. We do like several locations, but truly we love where we are. With the new Target's arrival, the traffic-less commutes, and growing housing market (interpreted as big new affordable homes) it is hard to look elsewhere. I also found a gorgeous subdivision in our current area that I would love to live in. Time and money will tell all.

So for now, no moving trucks or boxes. However, you never know what tomorrow brings with this family...since real estate is our specialty.


Blue Momma said...

Ten years ago would you have gotten this excited about Target?

The things that excite me now just amaze me. I have turned in to someone's mother, both literally and figuratively!

J said...

NO NO NO. You must move by me. But, if it's any consolation I went to your new Target today and it was fantastico!

MommaDrool said...

I want you to move closer too, but I understand the love of the Bullseye...great new store!