Yankee Belle


No Love Lost - Tennessee.

Beer at 9 am - Ugh.
Sunburn from 4 hours in the heat - Ouch.
Being there to watch Tennessee get their A-S-S whooped - PRICELESS.

Two years ago, Fat Phil thought he would need a police escort in Alabama.
Yesterday, he wondered if he would need an escort in Tennessee.


J said...

You know, for a brief (I mean BRIEF) second I felt sorry for the old coot. Then I remembered what a jackass he is and forgot all about that! ROLL TIDE!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Love your new look!

Anonymous said...

Alright now, lady! Lay off Tennessee! (I don't really give a crap but I had to represent for my hubby.)

Anonymous said...

I have that same picture hanging up in my house!
Roll Tide!

Anonymous said...

I just read your "About ME" and I totally relate.
I've been there an done that, too. But, God has given me a wonderful family that I jsut LOVE -- I'll never be the same. Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

Uh, duh.
I hit enter before I could sign my comment. That anonymous comment is from me.