Yankee Belle


Sucker for the Bullseye

God is great,
Target is too damn good.
Now I just need more money,
since the store is in my 'hood.

lil B and I spent almost 2 hours roaming the aisles of Target this afternoon. I salivated at every aisle. However, I decided to make it an educational experience and not just one of mindless spending. Since we were in no rush for time, I let lil B walk the aisles with me. If she picked up an item, I allowed her to examine it. Then I taught her the importance of putting the item back where she found it. (I figure she needs to get use to this concept.)

All went extremely well until I started running into people I know. Don't get me wrong, I actually love seeing familiar faces. Having only resided in this great state for three years, it makes me feel at home. What sucks is I realize now I will have to be more conscious of what I wear in public. On days when I run quick errands, I look like...well to be honest...shit.

My damage today was $70.00. Not too bad. Not too good, considering I didn't need anything. God was on hubby's side tho. No one asked me about signing up for a Target card, nor the extra 10% I would get off my purchase.

If only this great state would institute a lottery...and make me a winner.


I'm a Mom!..? said...

Your "Hood" is where I will be spending my Target dollars from now on, only 10 minutes away!!!