Yankee Belle


Lathered Up In Vaseline

lil B had her 2 year pictures taken today. Of course, in preparation for the big phot shoot, she had a long bubbly bath the night before. So this morning as I am getting dressed, lil B decides to 'get ready' herself.

I find her in the guest bathroom. Hair LATHERED in Vaseline. (This also includes the bathroom sink, floor, and cabinet knobs.)

I should have taken a picture. Instead, I panic and throw her in the tub.

She posed and smiled angelically for her pictures. However Mama knows there is a little devil inside her too.

Like mother, like daughter.


Melanie said...

She went a step above Kate. Kate has squished her fingers in the vasaline and rubbed them all over my cabinet. How fun was that to clean up?

Anonymous said...

That's the way it ALWAYS goes on picture day. EVERY TIME we go to have pictures she falls and gets some sort of scrap or bruise on her face!

My little one ruined a really nice chair in our living room with a jar of vaseline.

J said...

Ewwww... Vaseline. How'd you get it out of her hair?

random_mommy said...

Genius. She's pure genius! How else do you get supersoft, supershiny hair?

Anonymous said...

come take my sleep-deprived poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

random_mommy said...

when do we get to see the pictures???

Little Red's Momma said...

Nice. Very Nice. Hey. I'm back !!!